"Nothing I do is EVER right."

"I feel like I don’t know my kid anymore."

"I’m afraid my teenager is making mistakes that will hurt their future."

"My teen doesn't want anything to do with me."

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I hear these, and so many more concerns, from parents of teenagers all the time.

You do not have to deal with this
on your own.

“People warned me, but is this really what the teenage years are going to be like? Really?”

“We don’t really have fun anymore. My teen doesn’t want anything to do with me.”

“Nothing I do is ever right.”

“I am watching my teenager struggle. I’ve tried everything, and have absolutely no idea how to help them.”

Now, I invite you to imagine… What if?

You had tools and techniques that help you navigate difficult situations with your teenagers…and you grow closer instead of further apart?

You had a way to communicate as a family so that everyone feels seen, is heard and feels like they matter?

You knew what your teenager was struggling with and were able to provide them with the kind of support that encouraged and inspired them to be the best version of themselves?

You could connect with your teenager and feel confident (and prepared) to have difficult conversations with them, where each of you comes away feeling more positive and hopeful?

You had customized support to help you and your teenager through the challenging years, helping them to develop more confidence, become more inspired, have a greater appreciation for the person they are and feel excited about their future?

All of this is possible! Really!

Parenting is not about Perfection…it is about having the tools to recover from the inevitable challenges and mistakes that are a part of life!

Hi! I’m Tracey Lukes

I help parents and teenagers break the cycle of drama, stress and disconnection that is so common during the teenage years – whether dealing with the everyday pressures of life, difficult circumstances or navigating/recovering from issues around separation or divorce.

I’m a professionally certified coach and have two teenagers of my own.  I get it.

As parents, we are all doing the best that we know how. Many of us look back at our own childhoods and think, “I want my kids life to be as good as, or better than, mine was.”


What’s hard to anticipate are the changing circumstances of our lives, social pressures and increasing advances in technology that change the way our children interact and socialize with one another…and US!

The good news is that there is another way! Parenting is NOT about perfection…it IS about how quickly we can recover back to relationship with each other after a setback.

I work with parents and teens/young adults to help you create positive relationships with each other, so that your kids can navigate their lives with self-confidence, positive self-esteem and the tools they need to make healthier decisions and choices – and you can breathe easier and enjoy them more.

Are you ready for a change?