About Tracey

Hi! I’m Tracey Lukes. I’m a professionally certified coach, and I help parents and teenagers break the cycle of drama, stress and disconnection that is so common during the teenage years.

I have two  teenagers of my own.

I get it.

My childhood was challenging. We moved approximately every 2-4 years as a child due to my father’s career in the oil industry. There was constant change and adjustments that had to be made because of changing circumstances.  I was always the “new kid” at school – I had to figure out what the “right” clothes were to fit in and how to fit in to each new culture. With each relocation, I felt a sense of dread, and didn’t realize the impact of that dread until I was an adult.

I was a straight A student and was committed to succeeding, at any cost  – until I turned 15. I had started to hang out with a group of kids that were risk takers, engaging in things like smoking and drinking to be cool. I made choices that hurt me – I was desperate to find where I belonged and that I was good enough. The problem is…I did not believe I was good enough or that I really belonged anywhere. My internal struggle showed itself as rebellion, and while I did – eventually – turn things around to do well in school and get into a great university, that internal struggle remained.

At the University of California, Irvine, I was still in a battle within my mind that I wasn’t good enough and that I was the only one that felt that way. I did not reach out for help, and tried to deal with my internal struggles by myself, until things got way too hard. While I had gone through counseling/therapy to deal with family issues, I was still unable to free myself from the negative inner dialogue that was part of my every day.

I took that negative internal dialogue into my adult life. I pushed myself time and time again to succeed, and never felt that I had accomplished enough, even though on the outside I looked like I “had it all together”.

It wasn’t until I was almost 30 that I began to find my way out.

On the recommendation of a dear friend, I started to work with a professional coach.

I began to see that there was more to life than just getting through it day after day.  Coaching helped me to deal with my own internal struggle. It was while I was working with my coach that I began to realize how my negative self-image and negative self-talk had really taken a hold when I was a teenager.

This directly impacted my choices as I entered into adulthood.

Coaching was a process of growth and discovery, and life began to change for the better!

I know, firsthand, how my struggles as a teenager influenced my choices as an adult. 

Because of the impact and power that coaching had on my life, I decided to enroll in coach and leadership training so that I could help others to heal.  It was then that it became abundantly clear to me that I had to work with teenagers and parents.

I realized my role as a coach is to break cycles of negative self-talk, low-self esteem, lack of confidence and broken communication that so often fuel struggles, challenges, poor decisions and unhappiness.  

The gift of my struggle is that now I know how to do life differently. 

I coach families so that they can be more connected, communicate cleanly and openly and are able to recover from challenges and setbacks.

I coach teens because I believe when they know who they are, know their gifts and strengths and are able to appreciate them AND have the tools to manage conflict, challenges and difficult situations, they are set up to realize and achieve their dreams…and pay it forward to future generations.

I am committed to making a difference in the world…one teenager and family at a time.

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