Have you noticed you tend to look for what is wrong, what is not working or what needs fixing?

How often do you acknowledge what is working, what you are enjoying, what you like, what someone has done well…without bringing any attention to the opposite?

We are wired for negativity.

As a society, we are wired to look for what is wrong, what is not working, what needs fixing, what someone has done wrong (including ourselves). For many of us, it is our “go to” and we justify those kinds of thoughts by believing that if we anticipate what is wrong (sooner than later), we will be able to “fix it/correct it” before things get “worse” and cause other issues.

Sound familiar?

The problem with this way of thinking is not that it is wrong…it is that it is out of balance…and can create additional stress for ourselves, and the people around us.

When we focus on what is working, when we see the good and acknowledge it, we create resonance, goodwill and increased energy…positively impacting ourselves and others.

A great way to begin doing this is to make it a practice to look for at least 3 positive things that occurred each day.

By making this a practice, it will start to retrain your brain to start looking for what is working and what is going well…making a positive impact on your relationship with yourself and others.

For this new year, what if you decide to begin a daily practice of writing down 3 positive things that happened during the day…every night before you go to sleep?

I invite you to try it for a week and see what happens…

If you are ready to start creating new habits for yourself and/or your family, let’s have a conversation.